BookTube-A-Thon Progress

Challenge one ticked off: read a book with a person on the cover.

The challenge has gone off to a really good start as I’ve already been able to check off one of the challenges by reading an ARC of Through the Sad Wood Our Corpses Will Hang (285 pages). I really enjoyed the story and it’s one of my favourites of the year, and I hope it does well when it is released fully on 1st October 2017.

As you can see, there is an abstract image of a woman on the cover to complete the first challenge.

My review of this book, also found here:

Verdict: 5 stars

Without a doubt, this book is one of the best reads of the year.

“Those were the days… when hairs were not pulled for being beautiful, and dreams were not nipped for being dreams, and wings were not clipped for wanting to fly.”

THROUGH THE SAD WOOD OUR CORPSES WILL HANG is the unusual tale of a twenty-year-old woman named Sheyda who is disassociated with reality, set in a city in Iran. The unusual narrator reminiscences about her life in first-person, and discusses in length her upbringing; her personal rejections of culture and religion; the torn dynamics between herself and her family; and her struggle to find love in the broken world. Told in flashbacks that ultimately lead to Sheyda’s execution, it is suggested that she is responsible for the death of her mother, and the story eventually shifts to focus on the real events of what happened on the day of her mother’s death.

The prose in this book is undeniably beautiful, emancipated by the unhinged mental state of the narrator. Sheyda’s logical mental leaps disassociate her with reality and portray her dissatisfaction with life, and a yearning to find another like her. In her lonely existence, she finds comfort in broken dreams and in imagining returned love. Between moments of disturbed joy in Sheyda’s imagination and her dark sense of humour, she is subjected to abuse in the conditions of a notorious prison. The use of physical symbols is also really interesting as it is ambiguous as to what Sheyda sees is actually there, such as the black cat and the birds. Her character is so fully fleshed out that the reader can fully imagine meeting Sheyda as a friend, and imagine how she might think and react.

I really love the way that the author blends in a cultural shadow over the story, it isn’t overbearing and really highlights Sheyda’s contrast to the world around her. She lacks the capacity to understand the conformity of those around her, and instead would rather live forever in her illusions. Essentially, she would make a brilliant romantic poet. It’s also interesting that Sheyda’s mental disassociation is eventually dismissed by her doctor, who believes that she is faking her behaviour, and that her dark humoured comments are in fact honest thoughts. Entirely alone, her isolation might very well be the reason for her increasing spiral into madness.

Overall, this novel is not for the fainthearted and really encourages the reader to think deeply and question every passing scene from the unreliable narrator’s point of view. The abrupt ending drops the reader with a sense of ambiguity, where it is doubtful as to whether or not Sheyda achieves the freedom she has been craving for, and delivers a cold reminder of the character’s strained relationship with reality. If you’re looking for something bizarre to read set in a theocratic country, with some brilliant and evocative writing and dark themes, then this is definitely the book for you. I would definitely love to read more from this author.

Note: This book was kindly provided for free by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the publisher for this incredible opportunity.

  • Total books read: 1
  • Total pages read: 285

Challenge two ticked off: read a hyped-up book.

For this challenge, I chose to read a short read by Neil Gaiman called The Sleeper and the Spindle. It’s a retelling of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty with a brilliant twist as to who the villain turns out to be. The story is accompanied with some beautiful, detailed art which really encompass the overall story.

I would agree that this is a hyped book largely due to the fame of the author, and I’ve seen the book around BookTube a lot as well. I loved Coraline and The Graveyard Book so I was excited to get my hands on this!


My review of this book, also found here:

Verdict: 4 stars

I really enjoyed this quick read. Having fallen in love with CORALINE and THE GRAVEYARD BOOK I was excited to give this one ago. The story is a dark (or darker) retelling of Sleeping Beauty with some elements that blend with Snow White as well, all set in a fantasy universe. After a terrible sleeping sickness seems to be spreading like an army, a Queen must trek across half the world with some dwarf companions to confront the witch believed to be behind this: the same witch believed to have put a spell condemning a princess to an eternal, youthful sleep.

The graphics in the short read are simply breath-taking, full of intricate design. They really add to the dark fantasy tone of the book. The spin on the story, while it starts in a familiar way, ends up with a brilliant twist to add a turn to the original story we all know and love. However, I lacked giving a full five stars to the novelette because I felt that due to the short length, something was missing in terms of character development. I wanted to understand the motivations of the villain more, and I wanted slightly more world-building.

Overall, this was a really good short read and well recommended for the incredible artwork and an intriguing twist.

  • Total books read: 2
  • Total pages read: 357

Challenge three ticked off: read a book in a day

For this challenge, I chose to reread one of my all-time favourite reads, Animal Farm. Many are familar with his more popular dystopian 1984, but I personally prefer Animal Farm because while it stands alone as a simple story about animals, it is also a brilliant extended allegory for the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, and perhaps other dictatorships too. The first time I read this book I didn’t think much of it, but the more I think about it, the more the book seems as intriguing as ever in light of the political complexities of the world.

At 122 pages, the book was quite short and I was easily able to read it in a day.


My review of this book, also found here:

Verdict: 5 stars

Reread this brilliant book.

Many of us are familar with the story of ANIMAL FARM: a group of animals finally decide that enough is enough, and overthrow the farmer who rules over them, rejecting the capitalist way of life. They decide to work collectively for the good of all animals, as opposed to the few that benefited from their labour before.

I adore the satirical angle this story bears on the tumultuous nature of twenty-first century politics, and subsequently the difficulty of living in any society at all. The bleak nature of the communist (or animalist) society the animals reside in eventually returns to be no better or less exploitative than the capitalist way before. As the old saying goes: all power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What started off as a triumphant shift to the animals’ way of living soon turned into a descent of personal freedoms, liberties, and madness.

I love the way that everything is simplified in the story, and yet can be seen in a parallel form in reality: today as well as in recent history. Many dictatorships also rely on keeping people in line like Napolean did, having dogs growling at their sides the moment the leader felt their power threatened (not literally dogs, but you get the idea).

My favourite part of the book is the extended references to the rules which they created when they initially overran the farm. One by one, these rules are slowly eroded, taken away. And since the animals are not taught to read, the rules slowly become redundant, to the point that nobody cares to remember what they were at the beginning, or perhaps they are too scared to believe that they were mistaken in remembering the rules differently.

The final line of the book continues to haunt me and effectively satirises everything about the story and perhaps most revolutionary political shifts:

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again: but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  • Total books read: 3
  • Total pages read: 479


Unfortuntely, I didn’t completely get around to finishing the fourth challenge (about a character completely different to you, but I am halfway through You by Caroline Kepnes (422 pages). The protagonist is completely different to be because he is a routine stalker and murderer, obsessed with a young woman. The story is really intriguing so far and I can’t wait to finish it!

  • Total books read: 3.5
  • Total pages read: 690

Challenge five ticked off: read a book completely outdoors.

For this book, I chose to read IF I STAY by Gayle Forman. This read also goes for being a hyped book too, due to its popularity as a book that will make you weep as well as due to a popular film adaptation starring Chloe Grace Moretz. After work and dinner, I sat outside in the garden and read the whole book in one sitting (with a hot water bottle and chamomile tea to fight the chilly weather). It was dark outside when I was finished but I’m glad that I got around to reading this!


My review of this book, also found here:

Verdict: 3 stars

I really, really, really wanted to love this book. I loved the concept and was in the mood for something teary to read. Unfortunately, the read turned out to be average and I wasn’t as emotionally affected as I wanted to be. Perhaps I would have liked it more if I read it when I was younger.

The story is focused about a teenage girl called Mia who ends up getting into a horrific road accident, killing her parents, placing her and her brother in grave condition. In a comatose state, Mia has an out-of-body experience, and from there her life is told in flashbacks. She sees her friends and family fight to see her and beg her to come back, but she is torn: should she stay and continue her life without her family and risk a lifetime of medical complications, or should she go with her family and stop fighting? Some of the moments were very touching: her visits from her friends and family, the hopes and dreams she might have to give up forever, her anxiety about the condition of her brother. This concept alone is really intriguing and heartbreaking, especially considering this situation happens on a daily basis.

However, I wish more of the story was focused on this aspect, and why she should go, as from the flashbacks there is more of a balance on why she should stay and a lot less than why she should go (not that she should go, of course, simply I wanted more of a dilemma on her side). Perhaps I didn’t really get in the story because I couldn’t really relate to Mia as a character, she seems to be too perfect of a person for me, as does her boyfriend. I didn’t really feel like they were real people I could meet.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book because of the heart-breaking situation it sets up. Regardless of my thoughts about the characters, the book does really make you think hard about how quickly everything can change in your life. In a moment, Mia’s family was torn apart, and what started out as a snowy day turned into a decision to confront grief and mourning, or stop fighting and let the pain go.

  • Total books read: 4.5
  • Total pages read: 962

Challenge six ticked off: read a book you got because of the cover.

For this one, I just had a glance around at covers that looked different to what I usually read. After I saw this one, I was automatically intrigued, and since I hadn’t read a horror book in quite a long time, I immediately wanted to read this one. I knew nothing about the story but based on the cover, you can already guess that there is some element of ghostliness and entrapment about the story. It also reminded me of the urban legend Bloody Mary, which always creeped me out as a kid.


My review of this book, also found here:

Verdict: 4 stars

I picked this book because of the cover: it looked very intriguing and it’s been a long time since I read a horror story. The girl behind the mirror also reminded me a lot of the Bloody Mary urban legend which always used to creep me out as a kid. It also didn’t help that in primary school, some of the girls used to switch off the toilet lights as a prank when the other cubicles were in use.

Honestly, I really liked this story. Although it stuck to a lot of cliches and I did find it predictable, it was a very enjoyable read and still managed to add a freshness to the genre, as well as leave the story on an ambiguous note. A few moments genuinely did creep me out, and with a mirror opposite my reading space, I will admit that I glanced up a few times to make sure I was alone.

The plot follows a young girl in a ladies boarding school and her friends on Halloween, dared to say Bloody Mary into a dark mirror. The protagonist is very likeable, somewhat of an outcast, but smart and quick to seek out answers (thankfully cutting out the stage of denial). When her friend goes missing and strange things start to happen around the group, they realise something is wrong and seek to find out how they might stop themselves also disappearing. The book really does get more creepy and intense the further into the story, and I found myself dreading what would come next, but also excited.

I really like the fact that the group actually try to figure out what the ghost is, and what it wants: there is an essence of mystery although the ghost’s intentions are never fully clarified. Even though I predicted what they would find, it was pleasant to read about characters actively trying to change their fates. It was also interesting as to what happened when the characters disappeared, rather than an instant death, something more horrifying and fulfilling happens instead.

There are multiple layers in the story: romance, mystery, horror, and the time limit of five days also adds to the overall suspense. Although not a short read, the pace was very fast and picked up quickly, leading to a very intense climax. Overall, I would definitely recommend this because it only gets better and better!

  • Total books read: 5.5
  • Total pages read: 1249

The final challenge was to read seven books, and although I didn’t quite reach this challenge, I did make the mistake of starting many and not finishing them.

Other books I read this week but didn’t finish vs pages read:

  • Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella — 50/286
  • Slated by Teri Terry — 130/439
  • The Book of Bera by Suzie Wilde — 74/320

(+ 254 pages)

Ultimately, I am really pleased about the progress I’ve made this week. Altogether, I’ve read 1503 pages, which is more than I’ve read in a week for a long time. I had a lot of fun during this reading challenge, and I liked the challenges that were set. I can’t wait to keep reading and discover more amazing books!



BookTube-A-Thon 2017 Challenge

This year’s BookTube-A-Thon is this following week, July 24th-30th, and is a perfect opportunity to get ahead with your reading goals! Kindly hosted by Ariel Bissett, this is an exciting challenge to encourage everybody to read as much as they can during the week. There are also some official reading challenges within the more general read, which I also hope to complete, listed below.

  1. Read a book with a person on the cover 
  2. Read a hyped-up book
  3. Finish a book in one day
  4. Read a book with a character that is very different from you.
  5. Read a book completely outdoors.
  6. Read a book you got because of the cover.
  7. Read seven books.

I plan to be overly ambitious and complete every challenge, best of luck to everybody participating this year! It’s going to be very difficult, but also very fun!

To Read: April

To Read: April

April? Already? How time has flown by, and I’m certainly not looking forward to my upcoming exams… Anyhow, hopefully these gorgeous books will distract us all from the impending doom of A-Levels.

As well as finishing the books I am currently reading, I would like to read in April (all from The Ultimate Reading Challenge List):

  1. The Sun Also Rises // Ernest Hemingway
  2. Gone Girl // Gillian Flynn
  3. Far From the Madding Crowd // Thomas Hardy
  4. Memoirs of a Geisha // Arthur Golden
  5. Fahrenheit 451 // Ray Bradbury
  6. Great Expectations // Charles Dickens
  7. Wool // Hugh Howey
  8. Slated // Terri Terry

What are you planning to read this month?

PS: Who else is hyped to see 13 Reason Why, released yesterday?

Reading Challenge Progress: End of March

Reading Challenge Progress: End of March

Since the last update I’ve been reading a lot more than I actually realised, I’m stunned to discover that I’ve actually read three times more books over the last month and a half than I did the same time period before! It looks like this year might be the most successful reading year yet as I’m well on track to completing my Goodreads reading challenge!

Current progress, as of 26/03/17

I have read 39% of my overall challenge of 100 books, which means that I am 16 books ahead of schedule!

My last update recorded 10 books, but in the same time period this time I’ve read quite a number more, many of my reads correlating to The Ultimate Reading Challenge List. Therefore, I can definitely say that this last month or so has been the most successful update to date!

Books I’ve read since the last update:

Underlined Books that are part of The Ultimate Reading Challenge List

[I also added on a rating out of five stars for each of the books I read.]

  1. Elizabeth Is Missing // Emma Healey 5 stars
  2. All the Bright Places // Jennifer Niven 5 stars
  3. The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die // April Henry 3 stars
  4. This Is Where It Ends // Marieke Nijkamp 5 stars
  5. The Infinite Sea // Rick Yancey 5 stars
  6. Eagle Strike // Anthony Horowitz 5 stars
  7. Abducted // Evangeline Anderson 4 stars
  8. The Raven Boys // Maggie Stiefvater 3 stars
  9. The Giver // Lois Lowry 3 stars
  10. Sabriel // Garth Nix 4 stars
  11. It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be // Paul Arden 4 stars
  12. Me Before You // Jojo Moyes 4 stars
  13. The Last Star // Rick Yancey 5 stars
  14. The Little Book of Clarity // Jamie Smart 4 stars
  15. Confessions From An Arranged Marriage // Miranda Neville 2 stars
  16. Not That Kind of Girl // Lena Dunham 4 stars
  17. The Alien’s Abduction // C. K. Roxanne 2 stars
  18. Captured by the Sweet Alien // Ruth Anne Scott 3 stars
  19. Taken for the Alien Prince // Ruth Anna Scott 3 stars
  20. Mine to Tarnish // Jeneal Falor 3 stars
  21. Defaced // Marissa Farrar 4 stars
  22. The Knife of Never Letting Go // Patrick Ness 5 stars
  23. The New World // Patrick Ness 3 stars
  24. The Miserable Mill // Lemony Snicket 3 stars
  25. Owned By the Hitman // Alexis Abbott 1 star
  26. A Monster Calls // Patrick Ness 5 stars
  27. The Power // Naomi Alderman 4 stars
  28. The Extra // Kathryn Lasky 2 stars
  29. The One // Keira Cass 3 stars

The Highlights

  • Overall, I’m really glad to have finished The Fifth Wave trilogy; it’s truly unlike any YA trilogy I’ve read before and I definitely recommend for anyone looking for some brilliant characters and thrilling plot.
  • As always, anything by Patrick Ness. The film adaptation of A Monster Calls is also just as amazing as the book.
  • Sabriel was a brilliant read. I went into it blind not sure quite what I would find. I was pleasantly excited to discover a fantastically-constructed world with memorable characters and a badass heroine.
  • Abducted. While it seemed another awful romance on the surface, it was a surprisingly great read blending humour, drama and sci-fi elements.
  • I added in some non-fiction books which I don’t usually read, my favourite of which is Not That Kind of Girl.

The Low-lights

  • Me Before You. Admittedly this was a good read, but it wasn’t as mind-blowing and polished as I wanted it to be. I finished the book feeling that something was lacking.
  • The One. The third instalment of the series was the middle ground between what I hated about the first book and what I loved about the second.

Currently reading and plan to finish soon…

Quicksand // Malin Persson Giolito // 20%
Hunchback of Notre-Dame
// Victor Hugo // 12%
Daring Greatly // Brene Brown // 10%
Tess of D’Urbervilles // Thomas Hardy // 4%
Betrayal’s Price // Lisa Blackwood // 0%
Ketchup Clouds // Annabel Pitcher // 0%

What are you all reading at the moment? Do you have any great reads to recommend? Let me know in the comments!

8 Underrated Standalone Books for YA Readers

8 Underrated Standalone Books for YA Readers

Hello lovelies!

As I’ve been reading through The Ultimate Reading Challenge List I’ve realised how many books I’ve read in the past that are severely underrated. To honour those books, I’d like to make a list for you to check out if you’re tired of over-hyped popular YA books that can often be unsatisfying. For the sake of narrowing the list down, I’ve only selected standalone books, as these seem to often be neglected most.
In no particular order…

1) The 51mpw2rp3hl-_sx272_bo1204203200_Traitor Game // B.R. Collins

It’s upsetting how underrated this book is. Although the story starts off a little slow, it delves into the mind of a a teenage body and his active imagination. All book lovers can appreciate the value of other worlds, but the book also has a beautiful depiction of realism that illustrates issues for young people. Also by B.R. Collins and well worthy of a read: A Trick of the Dark (very creepy), Tyme’s End (very mysterious) and Game Runner (not my favourite of the author’s, but still brilliant).


2) Th20613635ere Will Be Lies // Nick Lane

An absolutely beautiful book. A thriller that embeds realism and
fantasy through the mind of a mostly-deaf teenage girl, as she struggles to understand why her mother is on national TV for being Wanted by the police. The author also wrote the more popular In Darkness, a challenging prize-winning novel about a boy growing up in Haiti. There Will Be Lies will touch your heart, and appeals to fans of Silence is Goldfish (Annabel Pitcher) and The Shock of the Fall (Nathan Filer).


30925283) Unique // Alison Allen-Gray

Nobody seems to have heard of this book, but I remember it as vividly now as when I read it years ago. It’s a novel that really sticks with you: an ethical thriller following a teenage boy who finds out he is exactly identical to an older brother he never knew he had, who died before he was born. This will appeal to fans of Malorie Blackman’s Pig Heart Boy (which you should also read – with a box of tissues!).


135056554) Lovely, Dark and Deep // Amy McNamara

Those of you who recognise my reading habits might guess that I’m not a typical fan of contemporary YA with a focus on romance, but this book was simply beautiful. The story follows a teenage girl trying to piece her life back together after a violent car-crash killed her boyfriend and left her alive. She eventually finds solace in the friendship of a local teenage boy, and while there is a romance, it’s more of a story about a girl trying to heal from her past. This will appeal to fans of All The Bright Places (Jennifer Niven) and virtually anything by John Green.


private_peaceful5) Private Peaceful // Michael Morpurgo

I loved this author while I was growing up, and while everyone seems to have heard of War Horse based on its commercial success in film and play adaptations, nobody seems to have heard of Private Peaceful which I thought was just as good (even better). Private Peaceful explores two brothers growing up against the backdrop of World War One. Truly heart-breaking and beautifully written, and well worthy of a read. Also underrated by Morpurgo and just as good as War Horse is: Alone On A Wide Wide Sea.


and_the_mountains_echoed_book_cover6) And The Mountains Echoed // Khaled Hosseini

Everybody seems to have read Hosseini’s The Kite Runner or A Thousand Splendid Suns, but nobody seems to be as impressed by his third novel. While And The Mountains Echoed doesn’t share the same gut-wrenching tragedy and realism as his previous novels, the book is still equally as beautifully written, embedding the lives of many generations into a spread of human life and emotion. If you like his earlier novels, definitely give this one a shot for its magnificently written narrative (if you’re on the older side of the YA spectrum).


morethanthis-patrickness7) More Than This // Patrick Ness

I know the author is getting insanely popular (and rightfully so, his books are brilliant) but nobody seems to have read More Than This. Although it’s one of my least favourite of his works, it’s still a brilliant story about a boy who wakes up in his town one day, only to find that he might very well be the last person alive. Everybody has vanished and his memories are almost gone. The story in my opinion is a much better version of The Matrix, but without all the pretentious speeches.


51per8erocl-_sx315_bo1204203200_8) Sharp North // Patrick Cave

A futuristic story where anybody can be replaceable, how awesome does that sound? And yet, everybody seems to have missed out on this story. It is a little confusing to read at times, but I remember this book very vividly years later. It’s very difficult to describe the story without giving away spoilers, so if you’re in the mood to embed yourself in something a little different, definitely give this one a go. Appeals to fans of His Dark Materials.


So what are some of your favourite standalone YA books? Do you agree with my list? I’d love to hear what you think, please let me know if you have any recommendations of your own.

The Ultimate Reading Challenge List

The Ultimate Reading Challenge List

Hey guys!

After checking out my Goodreads to-read list and my general bookshelves and wish-lists, there are so many books that I simply want to read, and yet for some reason or another I haven’t had a chance to get around to reading them. And quite simply, I love lists! So I set about diversifying my reading list with a reading challenge, as that is bound to motivate me to read all those books I’ve been wanting to delve into.

I had a look online (mainly through Goodreads, other book blogs, Pinterest and Google Images) but I found that most of them were really short, or not diverse enough. Therefore, I took some ideas from the ones I liked best and blended them all into a master reading challenge list.

Note to reader: While some of the ideas are my own, I don’t take any credit for the ideas that have been used elsewhere. I just want to share them in a list in the hope they may also inspire you also in your reading journey.

It also turns out that my friend, Polly has been struggling with the same thing. So together, we compiled this epic list and inserted some of the books we are planning to read this year to reach our reading goals.

Note from Polly: Hey guys! Because Sally started asking me for suggestions for this list I decided to join it, because I realised it would be cool to have an actual idea of what to read – plus I trust her taste in books. 😉 Generally I feel like I spend too much of my time reading YA contemporary for an easy read but with my lil’ reading buddy  who will no doubt yell at me if I get behind I know I can deffo read almost anything. :’)

(Also, since for some of the categories either Polly or I have already read one of the books, they may be marked in a different colours to indicate who they are for.)


Black: both of us

Blue: Sally

Pink: Polly

X X = currently reading

  = read

ICP = in current possession (and highly likely to begin reading soon)

So, without further ado, here is our ultimate reading challenge list:

A book that…

Is over 500 pages:

  • 1Q84 // Haruki Murakami [ BOOK 0/1 ] [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]
  • The Blind Assassin // Margaret Atwood [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Stand // Stephen King [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is a class romance

  • Me Before You // Jojo Moyes [ BOOK 1/2 ✓ ]
  • Anna and the French Kiss // Stephanie Perkins [ BOOK 0/3]
  • The Mountain Between Us // Charles Martin [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Far From the Madding Crowd // Thomas Hardy [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Became a movie

  • Stardust // Neil Gaiman [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Giver // Lois Lowry [ BOOK 1/4 ✓ ]
  • If I Stay // Gayle Forman [ BOOK 1/2 ✓ ]

Will become a movie

  • The Circle // Dave Eggers [ BOOK 1/1 RESERVED ]
  • Before I Fall // Lauren Oliver [ BOOK O/1 ]
  • The Dark Tower // Stephen King [ BOOK 0/8 ]

Was published this year

  • Carve the Mark // Veronica Roth [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • We Are Okay // Nina LaCour [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Autobiography of Malcolm X // Himself [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Was written by someone under 30

  • Red Queen // Victoria Aveyard [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest // Ken Kesey [ BOOK 0/1 FOR JULY ]
  • Frankenstein // Mary Shelley [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]

Has non-human characters

  • A Shade of Vampire // Bella Forrest [ BOOK  0/41 ]
  • Shadow of the Wolf // Tim Hall [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Scorpio Races // Maggie Stiefvater [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is funny

  • How to Be A Woman // Caitlin Moran [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Emma // Jane Austen [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Importance of Being Earnest // Oscar Wilde [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Has a female author

  • I am Malala // Malala Yousafzai [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Extra // Kathryn Lasky [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • Interview with the Vampire // Anne Rice [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]

Is mystery

  • Gone Girl // Gillian Flynn [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • City of Halves // Lucy Inglis [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Woman in Cabin 10 // Ruth Ware [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]
  • Nobody Saw No One // Steve Tasane [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Has a 1-word title

  • Caraval // Stephanie Garber [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Wonder // R. J. Palacio [ BOOK 1/1 ✓]
  • Butter // Erin Lange [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Crewel // Gennifer Albin [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]

Is of short stories

  • The Bloody Chamber // Angela Carter [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • I, Robot // Isaac Asimov [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Let it Snow // John Green [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is set in another country

  • Seven Years in Tibet // Heinrich Harrer [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Red Sparrow // Jason Matthews [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • City of Saint and Thieves // Natalie C. Anderson [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Requiem for a Dream // Hubert Selby [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is non-fiction

  • The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional // Agustin Fuentes [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • On Writing // Stephen King [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Beginning Theory: An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory // Peter Barry [ BOOK 1/1 X ] 
  • Bird by Bird // Anne Lamott [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Writing Life // Annie Dillard [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Zen in the Art of Writing // Ray Bradbury [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers // Sean Covey [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The New Laws of Psychology // Peter Kinderman [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • Radical Self-Acceptance: A Buddhist Guide to Freeing Yourself from Shame // Tara Brach [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is a memoir

  • Wave // Sonali Deraniyagala [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Eat, Pray, Love // Elizabeth Gilbert [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Night of the Gun // David Carr [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Has moon in the title

  • Listen to the Moon // Michael Morpurgo [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Moondial // Helen Cresswell [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Moon Dwellers // David Estes [ BOOK 0/4 ]
  • Maggot Moon // Sally Gardner [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is a popular author’s first book

  • The Kite Runner // Khaleed Hosseini  [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • To Kill A Mockingbird // Harper Lee [ BOOK 0/2 ]
  • Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell // Susanna Clarke [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is from author you love that you haven’t read yet

  • The Crane Wife // Patrick Ness [ BOOK 0/1 FOR JULY ]
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson // John Green [ BOOK 0/1 FOR JULY ]
  • Obsidian // Jennifer Armentrout [ BOOK 1/5 ✓ ]

A friend recommended

  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story// Ned Vizzini [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • A Mouthful of Forevers // Clementine von Radics [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Shock of the Fall // Nathan Filer [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Every Day // David Levithan [ BOOK 1/2 ✓ ] 

Won an award

  • The Miniaturist // Jessie Burton [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]
  • Atonement // Ian McEwan [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Goldfinch // Donna Tartt [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is based on a true life story

  • Girl, Interrupted // Susanna Kaysen [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Bell Jar // Sylvia Plath [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Twelve Years A Slave // Solomon Northup [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is over 100 years old

  • Pride and Prejudice // Jane Austen [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass // Lewis Carroll [ BOOK 1/2 ✓ ]
  • A Christmas Carol // Charles Dickens [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is based entirely on the cover

  • The Selection // Kiera Cass [ BOOK 3/5 ✓ ]
  • The Girl Who Fell From the Sky // Heidi Durrow [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Dorothy Must Die // Danielle Paige [ BOOK 0/4 ]

A historical novel

  • Memoirs of a Geisha // Arthur Golden [ BOOK 1/1 X ]
  • The Hunchback of Notre-Dame // Victor Hugo [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • The Sun Also Rises // Ernest Hemingway [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]

Has antonyms in the title

  • War and Peace // Leo Tolstoy [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Angels and Demons // Dan Brown [ BOOK 0/5 ]
  • Wicked Lovely // Melissa Marr [ BOOK 0/5 ]

Came out the year you were born

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower // Stephen Chbosky [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • White Teeth // Zadie Smith [ BOOK 0/1 FOR JULY ]
  • Battle Royale // Koushun Takami [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Has bad reviews

  • There Is No Dog // Meg Rosoff [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Fahrenheit 451 // Ray Bradbury [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • My Heart and Other Black Holes // Jasmine Warga [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is a series

  • Eragon // Christopher Paolini [ BOOK 0/4 ]
  • Artemis Fowl // Eoin Colfer [ BOOK 0/8 ]
  • Gone // Michael Grant [ BOOK 0/6  ]
  • Illuminae Files // Amie Kaufman [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Game of Thrones // George R. R. Martin [ BOOK 1/5 ✓ ]
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events // Lemony Snicket [ BOOK 4/13 ✓ ]
  • Mortal Instruments // Cassandra Clare [ BOOK 0/6  ]
  • The Grisha // Leigh Bardugo [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • The Infernal Devices // Cassandra Clare [ BOOK 0/3 ]

Is a trilogy

  • Chaos Walking // Patrick Ness [ BOOK 2/3 ✓ ]
  • End of Days // Susan Ee [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Shiver // Maggie Stiefvater [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • The Fifth Wave // Rick Yancey [ BOOK 3/3 ✓ ]
  • Fifty Shades of Grey // E. L. James [ BOOK 1/3 ✓ ]
  • Divergent // Veronica Roth [ BOOK 1/3 ✓ ]
  • A Thousand Pieces of You // Claudia Gray [ BOOK 1/3 ✓ ]

Is apocalyptic

  • All the Birds in the Sky // Charlie Jane Anders [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Dark Inside // Jeyn Roberts [ BOOK 0/2 ]
  • The End of the World Running Club // Adrian J. Walker [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is set in the future

  • Brave New World // Aldous Huxley [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The House of Tomorrow // Peter Bognanni [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Exodus // Julie Bertagna [ BOOK 0/3 ]

Is set in school

  • Carrie // Stephen King [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Seven Days // Eve Ainsworth [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Fallen // Lauren Kate [ BOOK 0/4 ]

Has colour in the title

  • The Colour Purple // Alice Walker [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Girl in the Red Coat // Kate Hamer [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The White Darkness // Geraldine McCaughrean [ BOOK 0/1 ]

I own but have never read

  • Great Expectations // Charles Dickens [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]
  • Tess of D’Urbervilles // Thomas Hardy [ BOOK 1/1 X ]
  • An Orphan’s Christmas // Katie Flynn [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]

Has an author with the same-letter initials

  • Snow White Must Die // Nele Neuhaus [ BOOK 0/8 ]
  • Enclave // Ann Aguirre [ BOOK 0/4 ]
  • Chinese Handcuffs // Chris Crutcher [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Was previously banned

  • Naked Lunch // William S. Burroughs [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • American Psycho // Bret Easton Ellis [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Mein Kampf // Adolf Hitler [ BOOK 0/1 ]

I started but never finished

  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone // Laini Taylor [ BOOK 0/2 ]
  • 1984 // George Orwell [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]
  • The Handmaid’s Tale // Margaret Atwood [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Quiet // Susan Cain [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Mimadamos // Chadi B. Ghaith [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • Mansfield Park // Jane Austen [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Casual Vacancy // J.K. Rowling [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Has the weather in the title

  • The Snow Child // Eowyn Ivey [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Gone With the Wind // Margerat Mitchell [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Snow Falling on Cedars // David Guterson [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is an emotional roller-coaster

  • The Walls Around Us //Nova Ren Suma [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Women in Love // DH Lawrence [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Everything, Everything // Nicola Yoon [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]

Set in a town

  • Bone Gap // Laura Ruby [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Salem’s Lot // Stephen King [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Plainsong // Kent Haruf [ BOOK 0/3 ]

Is sci-fi

  • Lexicon // Max Barry [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]
  • Perfected // Kate Jarvik Birch [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Lunar Chronicles // Marissa Meyer [ BOOK 0/5 ]
  • The Diabolic // S. J. Kincaid [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • What’s Left of Me // Kat Zhang [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Artefact // Jamie Sawyer [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is fantasy

  • A Darker Shade of Magic // V.E. Schwab [ BOOK 2/3 X ]
  • Poison Study // Maria V. Snyder [ BOOK 0/4 ]
  • City of a Thousand Dolls // Miriam Forster [ BOOK 0/2 ]
  • Six of Crows // Leigh Bardugo [ BOOK 1/2 ICP ]
  • Court of Thorns and Roses // Sarah J. Maas [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Snow Like Ashes // Sara Raasch [ BOOK 0/3 ]

Is suspenseful

  • We Were Liars // E. Lockhart [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • A Time to Kill // John Grisham [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Good Liar // Nicholas Searle [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]

Is an important book

  • Speak // Laurie Halse Anderson [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • V for Vendetta // Alan Moore [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Help // Kathryn Stockett [ BOOK 0/1 FOR JULY ]

Is set in space

  • Across the Universe // Beth Revis [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • The Martian // Andy Weir [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Glow // Amy Kathleen Ryan [ BOOK 0/3 ]

Has alliteration in the title

  • Ella Enchanted // Gail Carson Levine [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Poison Princess // Kresley Cole [ BOOK 0/5 ]
  • When We Wake // Karen Healey [ BOOK 0/2]
  • Long Lankin // Lindsey Barraclough [ BOOK 0/2 ]

Has an unlikely romance

  • The Winner’s Curse // Marie Rutkoski [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Warm Bodies // Isaac Marion [ BOOK 0/3]
  • Throne of Glass // Sarah J. Maas [ BOOK 1/6 X ]
  • Hush, Hush // Becca Fitzpatrick [ BOOK 0/4 ]
  • Abducted // Evangeline Anderson [ BOOK 1/4 ✓ ]

Has faery creatures

  • The Iron King // Julie Kagawa [ BOOK 0/7 ]
  • Wings // Aprilynne Pike [ BOOK 0/5 ]
  • Lament // Maggie Stiefvater [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is about time travel

  • All Our Yesterdays // Cristin Terrill [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Door That Led to Where // Sally Gardner [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Passenger // Alexandra Bracken [ BOOK 0/2 ]

Is thriller

  • In the Woods // Tana French [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Blood Ties // Sophie McKenzie [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Trust in Me // Sophie McKenzie [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]

Is horror

  • Lockdown // Alexander Gordon Smith [ BOOK 0/5 ]
  • Rebecca // Daphne Du Maurier [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Waking Dark // Robin Wasserman [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • It // Stephen King [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Has an interesting concept

  • The Declaration // Gemma Malley [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Numbers // Rachel Ward [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Shatter Me // Tahereh Mafi [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Blindness // José Saramago [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Children of Eden // Joey Graceffa [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer // Michelle Hodkin [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • A Crack in the Line // Michael Lawrence [ BOOK 0/3 ]

Is a zombie book

  • Undead // Kirsty McKay [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Rot & Ruin // Jonathan Maberry [ BOOK 0/4 ]
  • The Reapers are the Angels // Alden Bell [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Z // Michael Thomas Ford [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War // Max Brooks [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Girl with All the Gifts // M.R. Carey [ BOOK 1/2 ✓ ]

Is about royalty

  • Finnikin of the Rock // Melina Marchetta [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Graceling // Kristin Cashore  [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • The Young Elites // Marie Lu [ BOOK 0/3 ]

Is paranormal

  • Darkhouse // Karina Halle [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Ghost Bride // Yangsze Choo [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Raven Boys // Maggie Stiefvater [ BOOK 1/4 ✓ ]

Is steampunk

  • Leviathan // Scott Westerfeld [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • The Girl in the Steel Corset // Kate Locke [ BOOK 0/4 ]
  • Mortal Engines // Philip Reeve [ BOOK 1/4 ICP ]

Is a short story

  • The New World // Patrick Ness [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • Snowscape // Patrick Ness [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • Silver Water // Amy Bloom [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is about a ruined world

  • The Immortal Rules // Julie Kagawa [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • The Road // Cormac McCarthy [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • I Am Legend // Richard Matheson [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is urban fantasy 

  • Shadows // Paula Weston [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • This Savage Song // Victorian Schwab [ BOOK 0/2 ]
  • I Belong to the Earth // J.A. Ironside [ BOOK 0/10 ]

Makes you feel hungry 

  • Cracked // Eliza Crewe [ BOOK 0/3]
  • Red Dragon // Thomas Harris [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • City of Thieves // David Benioff [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Has a badass heroine

  • Terrier // Tamora Pierce [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Angelfall // Susan Ee [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • And I Darken // Kiersten White [ BOOK 1/2 ✓ ]

Has monsters

  • The Monstrumologist // Rick Yancey [ BOOK 0/4 ]
  • Dollhouse // Anya Alynn [ BOOK 0/4 ]
  • The Devouring // Simon Holt [ BOOK 0/3 ]

Is about magic

  • Skin Hunger // Kathleen Duey [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • The Night Circus // Erin Morgenstern [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • Sabriel // Garth Nix [ BOOK 2/4 ✓ ]

Has been on my reading list forever

  • The Book Thief // Markus Zusak [ BOOK 1/1 ICP ]
  • The Lord of the Rings // J.R.R [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • The Great Gatsby // F. Scott Fitzgerald [ BOOK 1/1 X ]
  • Fangirl // Rainbow Rowell [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Paper Towns // John Green [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is about music

  • A Visit From the Goon Squad // Jennifer Egan [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Sea of Tranquillity // Katja Millay [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Sky is Everywhere // Jandy Nelson [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is a twist on a fairy tale 

  • Teeth // Hannah Moskowitz [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Snow Queen // Hans Christian Anderson [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • Red Riding Hood // Sarah Blakely-Cartwright [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is set in another world

  • The Land Beyond the Portal // J.S. Bailey [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Ink and Bone // Rachel Caine [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Flame in the Mist // Renee Ahdieh [ BOOK 0/2 ]

Is dystopia

  • Candor // Pam Bachorz [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Wool // Hugh Howey [ BOOK 0/5 ]
  • Genesis // Bernard Beckett [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • All These Things I’ve Done // Gabrielle Zevin [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Legend // Marie Lu [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Uglies // Scott Westerfeld [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • A Clockwork Orange // Anthony Burgess [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? // Philip K. Dick [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • City of Ember // Jeanne DuPrau [ BOOK 0/4 ]

Is contemporary

  • I Crawl Through It // A.S. King [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Charm & Strange // Stephanie Kuehn [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • My Name Is Leon // Kit de Waal [ BOOK 1/1 X ]
  • A Note of Madness // Tabitha Suzuma [ BOOK 0/2]
  • Carry Me Down // M. J. Hyland [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Has numbers in the title

  • Thirteen Days to Midnight // Patrick Carman [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Zeroes //Scott Westerfeld [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Catch 22 // Joseph Heller [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Ready Player One // Ernest Cline [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is set undersea

  • Dark Life // Kat Falls [ BOOK 0/2 ]
  • Oceanspace // Allen Steele [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Zodiac // Neil Stephenson [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is about an environmental disaster

  • The Carbon Diaries 2015 // Saci Lloyd [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • White Noise // Don DeLillo [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Snow // Adam Roberts [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is a graphic novel

  • Watchmen // Alan Moore [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Death Note // Tsugumi Ohba [ [ BOOK 0/12 ]
  • The Walking Dead: Vol 1: Days Gone Bye // Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore [ BOOK 0/1 ]


  • Delirium // Lauren Oliver [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Under the Never Sky // Veronica Rossi [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • The Darkest Minds // Alexandra Bracken [ BOOK 0/3 ]
  • Girl in Pieces // Kathleen Glasgow [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children // Ransom Riggs [ BOOK 1/3 ✓ ]
  • Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock // Matthew Quick [ BOOK 1/1 ✓ ]
  • Slated // Terri Terry [ BOOK 1/3 X ]

Is philosophical

  • Sophie’s World // Jostein Gaarder [ BOOK 1/1 X ]
  • Infinite Jest // David Foster Wallace [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • Utopia // Thomas More [ BOOK 0/1 ]
  • The Republic // Plato [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Is poetry

  • Salt // Nayyirah Waheed [ BOOK 1/1 X ]
  • We Were Young // Fortessa Latifi [ BOOK 1/1 X ]
  • Ariel // Sylvia Plath [ BOOK 0/1 ]

Wish us luck, folks! This might take us a while to get through, I’ll keep updating this list as we start reading. Feel free to tag along with this challenge, or allow it to inspire you with some great reads!

Happy reading!

Reading Challenge Progress (mid-February 2017)

Reading Challenge Progress (mid-February 2017)

Hello everyone, I hope this year has treated you well!

This year started off pretty good, but after a painful ear infection and then a subsequent stomach bug, illness has hindered some of the progress I expected to make. Nevertheless, I am pleased to report that as of 12/02/17, I am 10% through my reading challenge of reading 100 books in 2017. And according to Goodreads, 1 book behind schedule.

Books I’ve Read so Far (In Chronological Order)

  1. The Girl with All the Gifts (M. R. Carey)
  2. The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins)
  3. Studying English Literature: A Practical Guide (Tory Young)
  4. The Scorpio Races (Maggie Stiefvater)
  5. Lord of the Flies (William Golding)
  6. Suite Secrets (Kristina Royer)
  7. The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman)
  8. The Elite (Kiera Cass)
  9. 7 Best Things Smart Teenagers Do (John C. Friel, Linda D. Friel)
  10. A Thousand Pieces of You (Claudia Gray)

All in all, not bad for the first month or so of the new year! 

My Favourite Book so Far

the_girl_with_all_the_giftsWithout a doubt, the best book I’ve read so far has to be The Girl with All the Gifts; it was simply stunning. I’m so glad that this was the first read I kick-started 2017 with. The first third of the book is perfection, the middle part is a little slow (which the film actually changed for the better, in my opinion) but the ending blows everything out of the sky. It’s one of the best endings to any book I’ve ever read. You can read my full review here.

The film adaptation had some brilliant elements to it and did capture the essence of the book, but likewise, there were some parts that I thought were less successful. I might even do a book-to-film comparison sometime. But if you haven’t already, go ahead and check out the novel! It’s not at all another attempt to get on board the zombie-bandwagon. There’s also a prequel coming out in March too: The Boy on the Bridge.


Look how nicely the covers match! It’s like they were meant to be…

My Least Favourite Book so Far

10626594Although I gave Suite Secrets the lowest review (you can find out why here) my least favourite book I’ve read so far in 2017 is actually The Scorpio Races, simply because it was far more difficult to get through. It’s such a shame because the writing is incredibly beautiful, but the plot and characterisation are painfully slow. A fear years ago I tried to read Shiver by the same author and I was about halfway yet I still couldn’t get into the story. Perhaps I’m just badly-suited to her writing style, I’m not sure. I will try to read another book of the author’s though, because she is a good writer, but perhaps a less successful storyteller. I’ve heard good things about The Raven Boys so I might try that next!

The Book I was Most Excited to Read

22557272I was a bit behind the craze when I read this, but I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie starring Emily Blunt (and the trailer looked awesome, too). The book was brilliant, but I wasn’t as blown away by the ending as I wanted to be. I found it predictable, you can read the full review here. However, the novel was still enjoyable and the first 75% was beautifully written, full of suspense and mystery. I really love the author’s writing style, and I hope to read more from her in the future. The film felt completely different from the book in my opinion, I thought that the tone was inconsistent and the twist was even less satisfying on the screen, but I’d still recommend it for some great acting and for the thriller elements.

The Book I was Least Excited to Read


As you might be aware from last week’s post, Why “The Elite” is far superior to “The Selection”, I really disliked the first book. In fact, the only thing I liked was the cover. However, for the sake of the popular interest in the series and with rumours of a film release, I wanted to see if the series gets any better. And boy, yes it did! The Elite was by no means perfect, but like Divergent, it was simply so enjoyable! I actually cared about the characters and the series seemed to delve beyond its superficial surface of princesses and fancy dresses into an underground look at the resistance, at a corrupted society, at what it means to love someone. I still detest the love triangle, it’s wholly unnecessary. I mean, would you rather date the Prince who is actually a nice guy, and can give you and your family a better future, or a guy far inferior to you socially who seems sketchy and put another girl before you when you needed him the most? At this point, I’m torn about getting stuck into the third book because I don’t want the brilliance of The Elite to return to the same style of the weaker first instalment, The Selection. 

I am currently reading, and hope to shortly finish, these beautiful books:

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That’s all for this week, folks! Best of luck with your own reading progress!

Which books are you guys currently reading? Any favourite reads or any that you’re struggling to finish?