Everybody struggles with a lack of inspiration now and again, or a crippling sense of writer’s block that makes you want to tear up every page (or delete every word of the manuscript file). Hopefully these six ideas might help you feel more inspired in your writing journey when you feel like the empty white page is going to swallow you up whole.

1. Nature. Yes it’s cliche, and no, I won’t preach to you about the wonder of the sublime, but a simple walk through a field or a forest is one of the best places to arouse mental stimulation. Walking is also a good exercise!

2. Other modes of creativity. Do you like art? Head down to a local gallery, or try image-sharing sites such as Weheartit or Tumblr. You could even take some photography of your own. Or, you could check out some half-finished novels on your shelf, or pop in a DVD and let your mind be filled with creative stimulation.

3. Take a break. Sometimes you just need to let your mind clear a little, so that the next time you take a seat with your story, you’ll be able to think more clearly about where you want to go next in your story. Meditate, do some yoga.

4. Talk to people. Friends, family, or even just eavesdrop in other people’s conversations. You never know what inspiration you might draw from snippets of dialogue and observation – who knew that one of your friends has an uncle that used to be a spy?

5. Read some inspiring writing quotes. Relate with other writers about how difficult the process is. You could check out some great books on writing or memoirs by successful authors about how they also tackle a lack of inspiration.

6. Like #3, go and do something else completely different. Tidy your room, do some homework, head out for a run, bake a cake. Do something completely different so that by the time you return to your work-in-progress you’ll be itching to get stuck right back in with a fresh mindset.

If it’s a problem with a specific scene, you could also skip past that particular scene and draft a later one. Write the climax of the story, or the ending, so that you’ll have a better sense of direction that might help inspire you for the scene you’re struggling on.

Best of luck folks!

Do you agree with these points? Let me know how you guys cope with finding inspiration when you’re struggling with your writing.


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