10 Reasons Why Being a Writer is Amazing


Hello, my lovelies.

I wanted to start this blog based on the biggest love of my love: writing, aimed to all of you writers out there. Writing has literally grown with me over the years. We’ve had an unstable relationship, but like all good things we still stand together, side by side, and today I’d like to share with you my top ten reasons why being a writer is amazing. How many of these can you relate to?

1) Connecting with others. You can say so much to readers out there, to the friends you haven’t met you – to people you may never meet in your entire lives. But your words can remain in their minds as if you are actually speaking to them – like telepathy. Charles Xavier style.

2) Writing spotlights your individuality to the world, your work can portray a part of you that perhaps can’t be shown in real life. I remember reading somewhere that writing is the introvert’s way of acting. The writer doesn’t want to impose on his audience and force them to watch his show, so he writers down the play he wants the audience to see in a written format, and gently pushes it under the door of readers for them to read at their disposal. You’re giving a part of yourself to somebody out there, sharing a fraction of your unique view of the world. Unless you’re like me and kidnap readers, hold them hostage and force them to read your manuscript.

3) Creating your own world, reliving or rewriting experiences, creating impossible moments that could only exist outside of our world. You can be the Queen of the night and ride the stars, or a powerful magician from a faraway land with the powers to save the kingdom. You can rewrite your own life – you can have the confidence to ask that hot guy behind the counter at your local library out for a coffee, without making an idiot of yourself.

4) When you do it good, you do it good. Little compares to the satisfaction of finishing that novel, the same one that has been tormenting you forever – before you even wrote the first word. And when readers like it too? Nothing soothes the hours of harsh work, slaving away at the lonely desk of procrastination, like the warmth of a reader’s praise.

5) You’re constantly improving. The more you write, the more feedback you gain from readers and your inner critic, and ultimately the more you develop your own writing style. It’s a loop that simply expands, allowing your writing to continually evolve and improve. Have you ever looked back at your writing from a couple of years ago and cringed? Look how far you’ve come since those days of purple prose and overused clichés.

6) You get to do all the pretentious writer things, like visit coffee shops and scribble in notebooks, quote famous literature of books you’ve never read to the end, and only use typewriters. Admittedly, using the writer-card is a terrific excuse in public places. The next time a person at the checkout politely asks why you’re buying twenty-nine, floral notebooks, a hundred post-it note stacks and the entire stock of pens at your local stationery shop, simply toss back your hair and say, “I’m a writer.” Or use the same excuse when you get odd stares for leaving your house in your pyjamas in the middle of the afternoon.

7) Inspiration. This isn’t limited to writers at all – many within the creative profession and those who enjoy the creative arts may also relate to the eternal inspiration that surrounds us every day. The woman who sat behind you on the bus? She’s secretly a spy. The new guy at work? He’s a retired assassin of the supernatural. Your pet dog? He isn’t real, he’s an embodiment of your madness. Even little morsels of everyday conversation can be stored for later use – the next phone-call you overhear, the hushed whispers in the grocery aisle at Tesco, the teenagers roaring from the back of the bus. It’s all good stuff, and gives you an excuse to be nosy. Not to mention the ability to unleash your revenge on the guy that shoved past you on the pavement, by casting his description as the evil overlord in your next book. He knows who he is.

8) Writing has positive mental health effects. Writing allows you express your emotions, even the ones you thought you sealed up a long time ago. It’s a release of stress in a controlled manner, a veiling of consciousness where you have the ultimate control.

9) Being a writer gives you an excuse to be lazy. It’s a writing day – you don’t need to make yourself proper food, the pack of custard creams in the kitchen cupboard will do. Your hair doesn’t need a brush, a shower can wait until later. After all, your book is much more important, the fate of the world itself is in your hands alone.

10) Meeting other writers. Realizing that you’re not alone, that there are others out there in the same boat – starting their first story, in the editing phase, or publishing their twentieth best-seller. We’re all like boats in the ocean rocking along the waves, guiding the readers on-board to the end of our stories. But we can all support each other to reach the other side, we’re all making the same voyage across the ocean of fear towards the unknown lands beyond.

Do you agree with these reasons? Do you have some more ideas about why being a writer is awesome? Please share your favourite reason, or perhaps something that is less amazing about being a writer in the comments below …

Thank you for reading. Happy writing!


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